Want to Know Which Famous Writers Stayed in Nice?

Many great modernist painters – from Monet to Picasso – fell in love with the lights, the sights and the colours of southern France. And some of them stayed in Nice. But what about famous writers? Which Famous Writers Stayed in Nice?

There were also many who came […]

Are there Roman Ruins in the Riviera?

On the basis of the evidence, it’s safe to say that Cesar’s troops did not come here to spend time on the beautiful beaches of the Cote d’Azur The history of the Riviera begins in the 17th century when its oldest towns were built. The pace of its development, however, […]

Fête de la Musique French Riviera Style

Observations from the “southern front” of France’s annual street party Here is a piece of advice to you if you have never been to a Fête de la Musique street party in France: go, if you can, but pick the right spots.

For those of you who do […]

What Can You See and Do in Saint Laurent du Var?

Although most people who come here have only one thing on their minds I cannot complain: the format of the “three things”, after all, is my own idea. Still, while it is easy to find “three things to do” or “three things to see” in most of the larger towns […]