How to See the Riviera for Next to No Money

thumbs transport in the riviera

A brief guide to public transport in the Riviera Paris is the most expensive city in France, but even for a couple of adopted Parisians like us (after 20 years in la capitale), certain things on the French Riviera still feel expensive: property for example, particularly if it has a […]

Want to Know Which Famous Writers Stayed in Nice?


Many great modernist painters – from Monet to Picasso – fell in love with the lights, the sights and the colours of southern France. And some of them stayed in Nice. But what about famous writers? Which Famous Writers Stayed in Nice?

There were also many who came […]

Do You Know Where to Find Matisse in Nice?


Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, was the great love of Matisse Renoir had Cagnes-sur-Mer, Chagall had St Paul de Vence, Jean Cocteau had Menton, Vallauris and Picasso divided his love for Vallauris and Antibes (but there is a lot to share, Picasso being “vast and containing multitudes”). But […]

Are There Hidden Gardens in Monaco?


We visit Monaco regularly, and if there are any forests over there, they must have found a way of hiding them. But it certainly has many park-like spaces with trees or even large, tree-like plants (such as cacti, for example). Monaco has indeed quite a few […]

Are There Orthodox Churches in the Riviera?


The Russians are coming… back, that is, in the Riviera, particularly in the coastal region between Nice and Sanremo They have actually arrived long ago and been part of the local communities for well over 150 years

Before the advent of satellite TV dishes and the world-wide web, […]