Here Are Our Five Favourite Places in Genoa

Genoa for some may seem a little more than a run-down harbour town between the two strips of the Italian Riviera. For us, who go there regularly, it is an endless source of delight. But no matter how many times we return, we always […]

Are There Orthodox Churches in the Riviera?

The Russians are coming… back, that is, in the Riviera, particularly in the coastal region between Nice and Sanremo They have actually arrived long ago and been part of the local communities for well over 150 years

Before the advent of satellite TV dishes and the world-wide web, […]

Are there Roman Ruins in the Riviera?

On the basis of the evidence, it’s safe to say that Cesar’s troops did not come here to spend time on the beautiful beaches of the Cote d’Azur The history of the Riviera begins in the 17th century when its oldest towns were built. The pace of its development, however, […]

Vibrant Coastal Italian Towns Time has Forgotten

From Imperia to Bordighera, discover a stretch of Italian Riviera villages that have become unstuck in time

The small coastal towns between San Lorenzo al Mare and Santo Stefano look as though they had retreated into a time capsule, like the New England hamlet in M. […]